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Measures Over 400 SEO Factors

Take the guessing out of your SEO. See exactly what elements affect ranking and find EXACTLY what you need to do.

Calculates Most Important Factors

How would you spend your time doing SEO? Cora will order the most important elements for you to address.

Works for ANY Search Term

Cora works for any search term in any location on any Google. It only takes a few minutes to run.

If you are an expert in SEO you will already know each niche has it's own rules for ranking. Cora will give you the answers for your niche.

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Cora SEO Software Review

If you have tried SEO software in the past you will know about the false claims and the get rich quick schemes, Cora is different.

If you are looking for a silver bullet please keep looking, this software is real and gives you real results with a real plan to follow. It is technical but it is the best software I have ever used for SEO. My name is Derek Booth and I have been doing SEO since 1998 and I have seen them all come and go. Cora is the real deal.

“I am an expert in SEO with many 1st position results, Cora absolutely blew my mind. I have never recommended products for SEO well until now that is. If you want to check me out search on Google for 'Derek Booth' and you will see my credibility so you can trust me when I say Cora is the best thing in SEO and if you want to rank 1st in your niche you need Cora.

I am one of the testers in the SIA and I can confirm the results of our tests match the correlation results very closely which is why I use Cora in my business and for my clients.

This isn't a typical sales letter with get rich quick all over it because this is not a typical piece of software. Ted (Cora creator) is having a stand at SMX in Seattle to promote the software, if it wasn't great he wouldn't be going. Order your copy now.”

Derek Booth

Founder & MD, Sigma Web Ltd

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